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2023 Vol.55, Issue 6

Research Article

30 December 2023. pp. 5-12
MinAlexander, M. J., Nam, K. B., Lim, S. H., and Son, E. S., Exploration of nutritional components, functional components and antioxidant activities of brewer's spent grain powder, red ginseng by-products and rice bran powder, Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial, 24(2):208-219 (2023). 10.5762/KAIS.2023.24.2.208
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  • Publisher :Korea Technical Association of The Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국펄프종이공학회
  • Journal Title :Journal of Korea TAPPI
  • Journal Title(Ko) :펄프종이기술
  • Volume : 55
  • No :6
  • Pages :5-12
  • Received Date : 2023-10-17
  • Revised Date : 2023-11-15
  • Accepted Date : 2023-11-16